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Book Reviews

Miao Shan - The Awakening - Cover Reveal

Cover reveal and promotion for a new adult/NA Fantasy fiction novel by G. A. M. Morris - Miao Shan - The Awakening

When ten-year-old Chow Lei witnesses her parent’s brutal murder she becomes emotionally scarred for life. Her maternal grandmother adopts her and attempts to help her, but only when Chow Lei joins a Shaolin Kung Fu school does any emotional healing occur.

Dragon Lightning (Dragon Dreamer Book 2) - Review

On this edition of Sam's Teen Reads Corner, JS Burke's Dragon Dreamer - YA Fantasy

Drakor seems like a normal young ice dragon with a talent for making lightning swords. But he alone feels the changing heart of his island Volcano. It destroyed his beloved sire. Now he foresees their doom, but none will listen. As he seeks proof, the Volcano shakes him off into the frozen sea. Arak was mocked as a worthless dreamer until he and Scree, a fearless undersea misfit, saved the dragons. Now dragons and octopi sail north in search of mythical ice dragons. They find Drakor and a terrifying reality. When Scree enters the abyss to check his volcano, she discovers everyone is in peril. Can this crew of unlikely friends save three realms?

The Dragon Dreamer - Review

Sam reviews JS Burke's THE DRAGON DREAMER on this edition of Sam's Teen Reads Corner - YA Fantasy

Dragon Dreamer is amazing and incredible. Who knew that a story with octopi and dragons could be so good? This is highly recommended for fantasy lovers and sea lovers, so don’t hesitate. Try it!

To Hold A Siren's Heart - Review

Jenn's review of adult paranormal/urban fantasy romance TO HOLD A SIREN'S HEART by Rachel Leigh Smith
Shapeshifters, warring ancient pantheons, and love that transcends tradition and discrimination, all packed into a smooth, free-flowing paranormal romance? Where do I sign up?

The Cursed Girl - Review

Sam's Teen Reads Corner looks at Maria Vemisoglous' YA Paranormal novel, THE CURSED GIRL
Cursed Girl is an amazing historical fantasy about a witch changing the fate of humankind as we know it. Creative, fun, and humorous, filled with a sassy protagonist and danger, Cursed Girl will fill your fantasy needs. 

Beauty and the Beast: Lost in a Book

Sam reviews BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: LOST IN A BOOK on the Thrice Read Books review blog. YA Fantasy
I love Beauty and the Beast, I love books, and if it features magic, Love and Death, then count me in! Wagers, betrayal, and learning to see with your heart, Lost in a Book has you coming back for more.

Darker Still - Review

Darker Still - Review

I was obsessed.

It was as if he called to me, demanding I reach out and touch the brushstrokes of color swirled onto the canvas. It was the most exquisite portrait I'd ever seen—everything about Lord Denbury was unbelievable...utterly breathtaking and eerily lifelike.

Ragis - Review

Ragis - Review
Book four in Donna Migliaccio's Gemeta Stone series, Ragis, is quite a nail-biter. She grants no quarter to continuing readers of the series who have been hanging on the edge of a cliff for three books now, holding them in suspense in another installment of this fabulously crafted fantasy tale.

Reaper's Return - Review

Reaper's Return - Review
Introducing, a fun, and amazing book by the name of Reaper’s Return. Filled with magic, and some themes of steampunk, which I love. Plus, it had talking animals! Alright

Tribute - Review

Tribute - Review
Welcome to the land of Tribute, AKA, a book about demons, possession, and a heck ton of danger and ghosts. Tribute was written by Chris Knoblaugh, and is about a Mexican-American family living in San Jose, California.

Lady Deidra and the Lord of the Deeps - Review

Lady Deidra and the Lord of the Deeps - Review
My name is Deidra Cavendish and I need a rich man who'll marry me, and take me and my mother off to a gilded castle filled with food and keep the bill collectors away, but deep down inside where my secret dreams live, I long for love. My only solace is my cousin, Arabella. She's my best friend and confidante, and I think she was murdered. When an accident at the Cavendish Winter Ball sends me flying into the arms of a penniless nobody, my abrupt craving for him threatens to derail me. He's poor and so am I; a relationship between us isn't going to work! Even if he makes my blood simmer with longing.

Lady Arabella and the Dwarven King - Review

Lady Arabella and the Dwarven King - Review
I've spent my life trying to ignore the haters. As strategies go--it's not working.

Sealed into my room to lose weight, I'm kidnapped into a stunning underground world, where males outnumber females by a hundred to one. It doesn't take long to discover I'm the fated mate of the newly ascended king, Thorin the Tenth. He's loud, rude and arrogant, but I'm stunned by glimpses of his vulnerability, and find myself wanting to seize this chance at love. But Dwarfholme is changing, and Thorin is in danger. The gods have limits and enemies are everywhere. I've finally found the partner I've so desperately longed for, but is it love or just really good sex? With my future mother-in-law out to destroy us, and my mate's childhood friend a bloodthirsty god, time is running out. I need to discover the truth between us, before it's too late.