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311 Pelican Court

311 Pelican Court

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Rosie Cox
311 Pelican Court
Cedar Grove, Washington

Dear Reader,

One ting about Cedar Grove -- people sure are interested in what other people are doing. Take me, for instance. Everybody in the town knows that my husband, Zach, and I recently got a divorce. Everybody also know that Judge Olivia Lockhard decreed a pretty unusual custody arrangement. It won't be the kids moving between my place and Zach's. We're the ones who'll be going back and forth!

Olivia isn't immune to gossip herself. Will she stay with Jack, the guy who runs our local paper, or will she get back with her ex? Inquiring minds want to know!

But the really big gossip has to do with the dead guy -- the man who died at a local bed-and-breakfast. Who is he and why did he show up there in the middle of the night? Roy McAfee, our local private investigator, is absolutely determined to find out. I hope he does -- and then I'll let you know! See you soon. . .


Book is hard back cover and in like new condition with little to no wear visible on cover, binding, edges and pages.