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After-School Snack Cookbook

After-School Snack Cookbook

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Got a snack attack?

School's out, lunch was hours ago, and you're ready to eat now! Count on Kickin' S'mores, Crazy Bean Burritos, Nacho Melters, and all the other awesome munchies in the After-School Snack Cookbook to fill your tummy. With easy-to-follow recipe directions, you can fix the coolest snack anytime you want. So put down your backpack and head to the kitchen for a fun afternoon of mixing and fixing tasty treats.

Peek inside for:


  • super snacks you can make yourself
  • fast and easy snacks
  • mighty snacks that double as a meal
  • party-style snacks to celebrate the end of the week
  • a picture with every recipe
  • helpful utensil and ingredient lists
Cookbook is paperback and in like new condition with little to no wear visible on cover, binding, edges or pages.