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Banner O'Brien

Banner O'Brien

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In 1886, lovely Banner O'Brien overcame every obstacle and gained her coveted medical diploma, but she still fears the brutal man who left her with a legacy of nightmares. She flees west to the Washington Territory, hoping to find peace.

Hired to temporarily replace an injured doctor in little Port Hastings, Banner soon discovers how unlikely peace is. The other doctor in town--Adam Corbin-- is a brilliant physician...and a handsome, arrogant, moody man. While he is surprisingly willing to respect Banner's professional skills, their personal  relationship is fiery and impassioned from the moment they meet.

Banner and Adam cannot keep their hands off each other, or their mouths from seeking sweet surrender, but both hide a shadowed past. how can they dream of a future together--when they continue to conceal the truth?

Books is a paperback and sold in acceptable condition with visible wear on the cover, binding, edges and pages.