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Crazy About Gardening: Humorous Reflections on the Sweet Seductions of a Garden

Crazy About Gardening: Humorous Reflections on the Sweet Seductions of a Garden

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An accomplished gardener and award-winning writer, Kennedy leads readers on a bold, original and humorous romp down the paths of North America's contemporary gardens.

Are gardeners crazed workaholics? Are weeds really plants whose virtues simply haven't been found yet? Is the new rage for "wild gardens" merely good old indolence hiding behind the shrubbery of political correctness? These are just a few of the topics horticultural humorist Des Kennedy tackles in Crazy about Gardening.

In a series of thought-provoking and mischievous essays, Kennedy lovingly probes the foibles and follies of North America's favorite pastime. His writing sparkles with satirical wit and, like all good satire, has a higher purpose. An accomplished green thumb and writer, Kennedy describes his experiences in terms that shape a gateway into the hilarious, lovely, and ultimately profound world of gardens and gardening.

Des Kennedy is an award-winning journalist who has written many articles on gardening, enviornmental issues, and rural living. His first book, Nature's Outcasts: A New Look at Living Things We Love to Hate, has received widespread acclaim. He lives on Denman Island in British Columbia's Georgia Strait.

This is a used paperback edition in good condition. Some shelf wear and moderate creasing to the spine. Ink mark on the top page edges, does not affect readability.