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Crossover (Star Trek The Next Generation)

Crossover (Star Trek The Next Generation)

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Once a violent, primitive race, Vulcans renounced brutality and their warlike nature for logic.But a small faction established the Romulan Empire, where the old Vulcan way flourished. now, deep in Romulan territory, an underground movement to reunite two worlds of common ancestry but conflicting ideologies is underway--a reunion some have waited a lifetime to see and others would give their lives to stop.

Continuing the mission he began in "Unification," Starfleet Ambassador Spock endeavors to impart the logic of the Vulcan way to a small band of Romulans eager to untie the Romulan Empire and the planet Vulcan. But unbeknownst to them, a Romulan spy has joined the ranks disguised as a Unification sympathizer. Deceived by this traitor, Spock and his students are taken hostage. 

Fearful that Spock's knowledge of Federation security will fall into enemy hands, Starfleet dispatches its best ship, the U.S.S. Enterprise™ 1701-D, and most respected captain, Jean-Luc Picard, to secure the hostages' release. Spock's former shipmate from the original Starship Enterprise™, Ambassador McCoy--more than one hundred forty years old, but still as feisty as ever--is brought in to consult on the negotiations.

Their situation is further complicated when Captqain Montgomery Scott confiscates an out-of-service starship and effects his own daring rescue of Spock. Picard must now find a way to preserve the Federation's security and prevent a war while treading a minefield of danger and deadly Romulan politics that threaten his ship, his crew, and the Federation he serves.

Book is a hardback and sold in like new condition with little no visible shelf wear on dust cover, cover, edges, binding or pages.