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Dark of the Moon

Dark of the Moon

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Virgil Flowers, tall, lean, late thirties, three times divorced, hair way too long for a cop's, kicked around for a while before joining the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. First it was the Army and the military police, then the police in St. Paul, and finally Lucas Davenport brought him into the BCA, promising him, "We'll only give you the hard stuff."

He's been doing the hard stuff for three years now--but never anything like this. 

In the small town of Bluestem, where everybody knows everybody, a house way up on a ridge explodes into flames, its owner, a man named Judd, trapped inside. There is a lot of reason to hate him, Flowers discovers. Years ago , Judd perpetrated a scam that drove a lot of local farmers out of business, even to suicide. There are also rumors swirling around: of some very dicey activities with other men's wives; of involvement with some nutcase religious guy; of an out-of-wedlock daughter. in fact, Flowers concludes, you'd probably have to dig around to find a person who doesn't despise Judd.

And that isn't even the reason Flowers came to Bluestem. Three weeks before there'd been another murder--two, in fact-- a doctor and his wife, the doctor found propped up in his backyard, both eyes hot out. There hadn't been a murder in Bluestem in years, and now suddenly three? Flowers knows two things: This wasn't a coincidence, and this had to be personal.

But just how personal is something even he doesn't realize, and may not find out until to late. Because the next victim...may be himself.

Book is a hardback and sold in very good condition almost like new. There is the remains of an old tag on the front cover preventing this book from being sold as in like new condition.