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Does Everyone Have ADHD?

Does Everyone Have ADHD?

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Does Everyone Have ADHD? by Christine Petersen

- A comprehensive examination of the risks and physical and emotional effects of ADHD, especially among today's youth.

- Offers a To Find Out More section, glossary, and index.

Curriculum Standards: Grades 9-12 Health

Health: IV

- Knows strategies for coping with and overcoming feelings of rejection, social isolation, and other forms of stress.

- Understands the role of denial as a negative influence on mental and emotional health, and ways to overcome denial and seek assistance when needed.

- Knows skills used to communicate effectively with family, friends, and others, and the effects of open and honest communication.

- Understands how the prevention and control of health problems are influenced by research and medical advances.

This is a used library binding edition (from a personal collection, no stickers have been applied), in very good condition. Some light shelf wear to the cover.