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Extreme Prey

Extreme Prey

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She was an Iowa woman in her fifties, busy skinning a rabbit for dinner. She wasn't thinking about the rabbit, though. She was thinking about murder. If and when, and where and how, and with what.

She wasn't thinking about who. She already knew that.

After a recent--and dangerous--adventure with his daughter, Lucas Davenport finds himself in a very unusual situation--no longer employed by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. His friend the governor has been cranking up a presidential campaign, though and he has a job for Lucas.

The governor's been hearing strange things on the campaign trail in Iowa: nothing specific, just whispers that make him wonder if there are some crazies out there planning to do something. He's passed it along to the appropriate people, but he'd feel much better if Lucas checkedĀ  it out, too.

Lucas agrees--but he has no idea what he's just gotten himself into. He's seen crazies before in his career--all to many of them--but none quite like the ones he's about to encounter now.

Book is a hard back and sold in like new condition with little to no visible shelf wear on cover, edges, binding or pages.