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Firehorse by Diane Lee Wilson

When fifteen-year-old Rachel is forced to move to Boston in 1872, she is furious. She is also lonely, for her beloved horse, Peaches, has been sold. But Rachel soon finds a horse that needs her, and needs her desperately: The Governor's Girl, a famous firehorse, has been badly burned. Rachel gets permission to care for the Girl in a stable behind her house.

As she cares for the inured horse, Rachel dreams about becoming a veterinarian. But her father, a newspaperman, has definite ideas about where women belong: only in the home. Father also has definite ideas about Boston's inadequate firefighting equipment, as an outbreak of suspicious fires erupts. To make things worse, horses everywhere begin falling ill-- and it is horses that power the city's fire engines. Another spark might send the whole city up in flames...

Book is in very good shape with some shelf wear and very minor scuffing on cover bottom edge. Binding is in excellent condition.