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Flaming Arrow (Signet Historical Romance)

Flaming Arrow (Signet Historical Romance)

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Valerie Ross should have obeyed her father's orders not to leave the their cabin. But she defied him and took her horse into the Montana wilderness, where familiar paths had vanished. Alon and vulnerable, she came face to face with an Indian warrior who had every reason to hate her, a man whose very name struck fear in every settler's heart.


Flaming Arrow was no free, but the chains of anger still bound his soul. His people had been driven from their land, and he needed to lead them to a new home. He didn't not need a white woman whose golden beauty dazzled him, and whose awakening passion stole his reason. But a force greater than both of them had brought Flaming Arrow and Valerie together to heal one proud warrior and to transform two lives. Now, as they rode together across a vast, untamed land, they were a man and a woman who had to follow the heart where it led them...toward peril, betrayal, or a love that could hold all their dream.

Book is a mass market paperback and sold in acceptable condition with visible wear on the cover, binding, edges, and pages.