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Gerald's Game

Gerald's Game

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Gerald's Game by Stephen King

On a warm weekday in October, Jessie and Gerald Burlingame are alone in the bedroom of their Maine summer house, playing a game that isn't listed in Hoyle's. But suddenly as Jessie hears the click of the second handcuff locking her to the bedposts and sees her husband looming over, a nerve-snap of recognition tells her that this time Gerald is playing for keeps. her next move is furious, violent, and she is shocked to discover, deadly.  Giving up control is scary enough; it is terrifying when there is no one left to give it to.

Except that Jessie is not alone. Over the next twenty-eight hours, trapped in a lakeside house that has become a prison, Jessie will come face-to-face with all the things she has ever feared, and the unlatched back door banging fretfully in the breeze is an open invitation to horrors she has never imagined. Inside the darkening bedroom, shadows gather in mute menace, while inside Jessie's head a taunting chorus of voices whispers and shrieks: "Woman alone in the dark are like open doors... and if they cry out for help, who knows what dread things may answer?"

Book is in like new condition with little to no visible wear on cover, dust cover, edges, binding and pages.