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Hometown Valentine (Moonlight Cove)

Hometown Valentine (Moonlight Cove)

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Lily Rogers is ready to follow her dreams.  Now all she needs is funds. Taking a job as  baby Peyton's temporary nanny seems like an easy way to earn cash for her plane ticket to LA. But there's nothing easy about how Lily feels for Peyton's uncle, coffee shop owner Blake Stonely. As Valentine's Day approaches, Lily's head fills with romantic notions of the handsome new daddy. She's falling for a family that isn't hers, and dreaming of a life with the blue-eyed barista and his adorable niece. Will Lily leave Blake and Peyton behind…or make a new future—and family—with them by her side? 

Moonlight Cove:  A beachside town where  love and faith blossom

This is a used mass market paperback in excellent condition with only minimal shelf wear on the cover edges. Larger print edition.