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Julia's Last Hope

Julia's Last Hope

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No on ein the small lumber town of Calder Springs, tucked away in the remote setting of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, was prepared for the news. When the men of the village left for another day of work at the lumber mill, they did not know their lives would be dramatically changed.

But without warning the mill closing was announced. The local timber supply was gone, and the harsh reality was that no mill would open to replace what was lost. Without the lumber industry, the town would die--they had seen it happen before.... No jobs, no future, and worthless homes on their hands. The best anyone can hope for is to relocate and start over.

John and Julia Harrigan had lived a tranquil, prosperous life in the Calder Springs. The death of the town involves John's work, their lovely home and a bright future for their for the daughters. Raised in the East and educated in a fine school, Julia Harrigan seemed an unlikely candidate to change the grin reality. But by the grace of God and for the sake of John and her children, Julia decides they must find a way to save the town and home they love.

Book is paperback and sold in like new condition with little to no visible wear on cover, edges, binding or pages.