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Killer Pancake

Killer Pancake

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With the temperatures soaring, the last place that Goldy, owner of Goldilocks' Catering wants to be is slaving over a hot stove. But with her latest assignment, catering the Mignon Cosmetics Low-Fat Luncheon, Gold stands to make a pretty hefty commission & her assistant Julian Teller, gets to spend time with his new ladylove, a gorgeous Mignon sales associate.

Soon, though, as Goldy wrestles with recipes, woefully lacking in cream, butter & eggs, she wishes that she'd stayed clear of the beauty biz. Especially when she learns that to get inside the mall where the banquet is being held, she & Julian will have to wade through an angry mob of demonstrators.
It seems that Mignon Cosmetic's animal-testing policies have made them the target of "Spare the Hares". 

And there's worse to come. On the day of the banquet, as Goldy struggles to carry forty pounds of low fat fare from her van to the mall, she hears an ominous squeal of tires & a horrifying thump.

Seconds later, a rising star from Mignon lies dead on the pavement. Then police detective Tom Schulz discovers that this hit & run was no accident. Before long, Goldy is enmeshed up to her saute pans in a homicide investigation. Could it have had something to do with "Spare the Hares?"...or with the exotic flower that Goldy found near the dead woman's body?

Book is a hardback and sold in like new condition with little to no visible wear on the cover, dust jacket, binding, edges, or pages.