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Last of the Breed

Last of the Breed

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The hero of LAST OF THE BREED is one of L'Amour's most memorable characters: U.S. Air Force Major Joseph "Joe Mack" Makatozi, part Sioux, part Cheyenne, a near-Olympic-caliber athlete who is as proud of the long-nurtured legacy of his Indian ancestors as he is of his place in the white man's world. After his experimental aircraft is forced down over the Bering Sea by Russians starved for military secrets, Joe Mack soon makes a spectacular escape from a secluded Soviet prison camp. He flees into the vast wilderness of Siberia-a prison with walls of ice-where his pursuers expect him to perish.

But Makatozi is a true Indian born out of his time. Without food, shelter, clothing, weapon or ally, he is at last free to shed his twentieth century sensibility and summon up the noble calling of his Sioux warrior forebears. To survive he must call upon the ancient skills he learned as a boy: to hunt game with only hand-carved weapons, to make moccasins and outer garments from animal skins and to find shelter in a barren landscape. Most of all, he must continue to be invisible to the relentless pursuit of the agents an soldiers under the direction of Colonel Zmaatev, the ruthlessly efficient GRU officer whose career rests on recapturing the escaped American.

Book is a hardback and sold in acceptable condition.  The dust cover is torn in several places and there is age staining on the inside cover. There is some ink writing inside the cover as well.  This is not a reprint edition, this is a first edition and really in great condition otherwise for a 1986 edition book. The pages and binding, though showing age, are sound and ver strong.