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Petite Kady Long, a celebrated chef about to be married to a gorgeous man, felt she was the luckiest woman alive. But, when she opened an antique flour tin an discovered a charming old photo of four strangers, she felt a mysterious empathy...and an irresistible desire to try on the delicate satin wedding dress, amethyst earrings, and gossamer veil that were tucked inside. Stranger still was the dizzy spell that came over her...

When she opened her eyes, Kady was in a harsh, sunlit landscape where a band of men had gathered--and a hanging was about to commence! Ever resourceful, Kady managed to stop the outlaws with a rifle shot, and rescue the victim--a tall, rangy and very appealing man.

Anxious to get back to her own time, Kady asked for the stranger's help. But Cole Jordan, of Legend, Colorado, had a prankster's streak--and she ended up his wife instead! If Kady couldn't quite figure out what made him and his town tick, she could at least dispel the notion that she was an obedient nineteenth-century bride. She would put on a fabulous feast that would cost him the moon--and be talked about forever. Meanwhile, Kady was slowly warming up to this enigmatic man--and Legend to boot. But then Cole revealed a secret that seemed to end their Colorado frontier fairy tale...and unite them in a way Kady never could imagined.

Book is first edition hard back and sold in very good condition. There is some staining on the front edges of pages. Cover, jacket, edges and the rest of the pages show little to no shelf wear.