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Before there was Everest...

This is it, I told myself. Fifteen more handholds and I've topped it.

I reached up for the next seam and encoutered a little snag. Well, a big snag really..

My right ear and cheek were frozen to the wall.

To reach the top you must have resolve, muscles, skill, and...


Mine was anchored to that wall like a bolt, and a portion of it stayed there when I gathered enough resolve to tear it loose. Now I was mad, which was exactly what I needed to finish the climb.

Cursing with every vertical lunge, I stopped about four feet below the edge, tempte to tag this monster with the blood running down my neck. But instead I took the mountain stencil out of my pack (cheating, I know, but you have to have two free hands to do it freehand), slapped it on the wall, and filled it in with blue spray paint.

This is when the helicopter came up behind me and nearly blew me off the wall.

"You are under arrest!" and amplified voice shouted above the deafening rotors.

Book is paperback and sold in good condition with slight wear on the spine and edges, in very good condition.