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Petals in the Storm

Petals in the Storm

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For all those who have been writing to me about where to find a copy of Petals in the Storm, the wait is over! I've always had a special fondness for Rafe Whitbourne, the duke who has made a cynical game out of arrogance, and Margot Ashton, the brave mysterious woman who brings him to his knees. 

When a vital mission takes Rafe to Paris during the post-Waterloo peace conference, he is shocked to discover that Countess Magda Janos, "The most beautiful spy in Europe," is the deceitful wench who betrayed him a dozen years before--Margot, the only woman he has ever loved, and the only woman he has ever despised.

Margot Ashton wants nothing more than to forget her turbulent past and the mesmerizing man who cruelly wronged her. But patriotism binds them together in a shadow land of intrigue, where a dangerous plot may sweep the Continent back into war. Join Rafe and Margot as they heal the wounds of the past with a shattering love that cannot be denied.

Book is a paperback and sold in acceptable condition with visible wear on the cover, binding, edges, and pages.