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River Rising

River Rising

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Welcome to Pilotville, Louisiana, 1927, isolated outpost on the Mississippi River--a stilt village bounded by swampland to the horizon, and island of brotherly love in a sea of racism.

Meet Reverend Hale Poser, stranger with a bad hip come looking for his roots. A humble, a righteous man, a miracle man.

See Hannah Lamont, new baby daughter to James and Rosa, a breech birth if not for this stranger's touch upon her mother's belly. She's perfect, and her parents' sweet joy until , suddenly, she vanishes.

Who but this stranger could have done this terrible thing?

Who but this man of miracles could see that it's undone?

In the swamp beyond the tupelo and cypress lurks a lingering evil, sleeping on in dreadful seclusion. Then the reverend silently slides ashore, and it will sleep no longer. It will rain down on Pilotville, it will rise up like a river, and nothing but a miracle can stop this awful flood.

Book is a hardback and sold in like new condition with little to no visible wear on the cover, dust jacket, binding, edges, or pages.