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After helping Chip and Alex survive fifteenth-century London with no preparation at all, Jonah and Katherine think that their next job will be a snap. Their mission: to help return Andrea--who is really Virginia Dare--back to the lost colony of Roanoke in the sixteenth century. They'll help her restore the balance of history, and then they can all go home. Sounds simple, easy, and safe.

But right away things start to go wrong. They lose the Elucidator and aren't sure where in time they've landed. As Jonah, Katherine, and Andrea struggle to survive without food, water, supplies, or a way to contact anyone for rescue, they try to piece together the mysterious history of Roanoke. What happened to the missing colonists? Does it have anything to do with their current predicament? And how can they help Andrea restore history if they don't even know what century they're in? The more Jonah and Katherine look for answers, the more questions they have.

Master storyteller Margaret Peterson Haddix returns to the series that School Library Journal said would "leave readers on the edge of their seats and betting for more with an adventure that pulls readers headfirst into one of history's most compelling mysteries.

Book is a hardback and sold in very good condition with some wear visible on the cover.  Binding, edges and pages are in excellent condition.