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Shotgun Wedding (A Milt Kovak Mystery)

Shotgun Wedding (A Milt Kovak Mystery)

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Love, honor, and shoot on sight…

Prophesy County sheriff Milt Kovak can't argue with the brilliant timing of the robbery at the local bank. The thieves emptied the vault during the wedding of his deputy, counting on the distraction. They also turned a shotgun on two police officers, killing one, and took off with half a million in stolen money.

But there's no honeymoon for anyone, especially after the bride and groom are taken hostage by pirates on their Caribbean getaway. Back home, Kovak could use more backup as his normally peaceful community gets a dose of all-hell-breaking-loose. The mayor, caught in a compromising position with the church organist, is shot by his sharpshooter wife, while Kovak's own ex has been abducted. The wily sheriff finds his wits put to the test, as all clues lead to a crime ring threatening the sanctity of his own Oklahoma backyard.

Book is a paperback and sold in like new condition with little to no wear visible on the cover, binding, edges, or pages.