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The Adventures of Ranald Bannerman

The Adventures of Ranald Bannerman

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George MacDonald was one of the most captivating and best-loved writers of the nineteenth century. He wrote stories for children and grown-ups, poetry, fairy tales, and collections of his short stories and sermons were published. But especially he wrote for the childlike in heart, and his books are a delight for reader of all ages.

The Adventures of Ranald Bannerman is a charming story about the wonders of boyhood. Ranald's mother passed away when he was very young, and his father, a pastor in a rural community, allows Ranald and his brothers the freedom to explore and romp the heather hills of Scotland as boys love to do. From warm summer scenes enjoyed with his friends Elsie and Turkey to battling a cruel bully to unforgettable times of listen to this father reflect on stories from the Bible, Ranald discovers a boundless world filled with adventure and excitement.

But even Ranald must one day pass from boyhood to manhood. Will be he ready for that day?