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The Guide to Amateur Astronomy

The Guide to Amateur Astronomy

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Amateur astronomy is a popular leisure activity and an area of scientific activity where modest equipment still offers the chance of making exciting discoveries. This book introduces the fundamentals of astronomy and explains how you can get started with making your own observations. There are maps of the night sky to help with identification as well as information on how to recognize and locate the planets.

After basic training the new observer will want to turn to more advanced projects described in the book: observing variable stars or using a personal computer for amateur astronomy, for example. An important feature in The Guide to Amateur Astronomy is the emphasis on practical technique. You can learn how to build your own telescope from first principles, make an observatory for it, and then get launched into astrophotography.

There are plenty of suggestions for rewarding investigations: asteroid and comet hunting, nova and supernova searches, observing binary stars, and much more. This helpful guide will be appreciated by anyone who wants to commence hands-on observations of the night sky.

This is a used hardbound edition in very good condition with moderate shelf wear to the dust jacket. A bookclub stamp is located on the inside back cover.