The Handy Geography Answer Book

The Handy Geography Answer Book

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A geography book for both worlds

There are two kinds of people: those who can fold the map, and those who can't. Until now,  no book could satisfy the need for current information demanded from geography lovers, as well as offer all the amazing trivia in a format that even geography haters can't resist.

Fresh and newly updated - the World

The Handy Geography Answer Book TM does both. It answers 1,000 of the most intriguing questions that apply to today's world. It covers all the trivia - longest, tallest, deepest, hottest, etc. - and also explores new ground ranging from the influence of geography on language, religion, and architecture to how migration, population, and location of countries and cities have been affected by terrain.

Book is a paperback book and sold in good condition with some wear visible on the cover, binding, edges, and pages.