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The Iron Rose

The Iron Rose

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When the roar of the Spanish guns was silenced, the crew of the English merchant ship discovered they had been saved by the Iron Rose, a rogue privateer. No one was more shocked than the king's envoy, Varian St. Clare, to learn that the captain of the privateer was Juliet Dante, daughter of the legendary Pirate Wolf. 

Varian was sent to the dangerous waters of the Spanish Main to persuade marauding English privateers to uphold a new peace treaty with Spain. Juliet agrees to take him to her father--but only as her hostage

Juliet had assumed most noblemen were soft and pampered, unfit for the harsh realities of a life at sea. Yet she had seen Varian's skill with a sword and she was intrigued by his quiet strength, his enigmatic midnight eyes. More than that, she soon found herself craving the touch of his hand, the surprising pleasure of his lips, and as intrigue and deception swirls around them, the danger of the high seas will prove to be no match for the danger of desire...

Book is a mass market paperback and sold in acceptable condition with visible wear on the cover, binding, edges, and pages.