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The Last Confederate (House of Winslow Book #8)

The Last Confederate (House of Winslow Book #8)

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At the conclusion of The Reluctant Bridegroom, the marriage of Sky and Rebekah Winslow prefaces a new chapter for another generation. What had seemed an impossibility is now coming to pass: God's transformation of the Winslows into a warm and loving family. Making their way back from Oregon City, they now settle and prosper on a plantation in Virginia.

Several years after their return from the West, a young Northerner named Thad Novak makes his way to the Winslow plantation and is taken on as a hired hand. What caused him to specifically seek out the Winslows? Should this Northerner be trusted? And with young ladies in the home, what are his motives?

While the nation totters on the brink of war, both Thad Novak and the Winslows face conscription into fighting for a cause they do not support, and directly against Winslow relatives from the North!

Book is a paperback and sold in acceptable condition.  This is a former library book and as such has some stickers unremovable with out damaging book on the cover.  A plastic coating on the cover is also peeling.  Book is otherwise in good condition with little wear visible on the binding, edges, or pages.