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The Second Objective

The Second Objective

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Winter 1944 A ray of light penetrates Western European skies for the first time since the beginning of World War II, as the Allies reach the borders of Germany and victory appears at hand. As part of his last desperate offensive to halt the advancing Americans, Hitler dispatches a company of English-speaking Nazi commandos on an even more treacherous secret assignment of assassination that could change the course of history. In a chain of furious action during the Battle of the Bulge, all of his assassins are killed or executed...all but two who were never accounted for.

There ends the historical record.

Frost picks up where these facts leave off and weaves a breathtaking narrative around these last two commandos: one the Brooklyn-born son of German parents, haunted by his American heritage, and the other a charismatic sociopath from the depraved ranks of the SS. Close on their trail is a veteran NYPD homicide-detective-turned-military-police-investigator, who soon finds himself faced with an impossible choice on which the outcome of the entire conflict depends.

Loyalty and betrayal, identity and honor, madness and salvation - all are tried and tested to unthinkable limits, creating in The Second Objective an unforgettably riveting thrill ride from start to finish.

Book is a hardback and sold in very good condition. There is some wear visible on the cover, dust jacket, binding, edges, and pages.