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The Survivor

The Survivor

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When Rickman, a former golden boy of the CIA, steals a massive amount of the Agency's most classified documents in an elaborately masterminded betrayal of his country, CIA director Irene Kennedy has no choice but to send her most dangerous weapon after him: elite covert operative Mitch Rapp.

Rapp quickly dispatches the traitor, but Rickman proves to be a deadly threat to America even from beyond the grave. Eliminating Rickman didn't solve all of the CIA's problems--in fact, mysterious tip-offs are appearing all over the world, linking to the potentially devastating data that Rickman managed to store somewhere only he knew.

It's a deadly race to the finish as both the Pakistanis and the Americans search desperately for Rickman's accomplices and for the confidential documents they are slowly leaking to the world. To save the United States from being held hostage to a country set on becoming the world's newest nuclear superpower, Mitch Rapp must outrun, outthink, and outgun his deadliest enemies ever.

Book is hard back an in like new condition. Book shows little to no shelf wear. Dust cover, pages and binding are in excellent condition.