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To Love and to Cherish (Cactus Creek Cowboys)
To Love and to Cherish (Cactus Creek Cowboys)

To Love and to Cherish (Cactus Creek Cowboys)

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Torn Between a desire to be free...

When Laurie Spencer said "I do," she never realized she'd be trading one pair of shackles for another--until her husbnad's unexpected death leaves her with an opportunity to escape her controlling family for good. Determined to be independent, Laurie approaches sexy rancher Jared Smith with an offer she hopes he can't refuse...

And a longing to be his

Jared's determined to make it in Texas, but with the local banker turned against him, it looks like his dream may be slipping through his fingers. When unconsciously sensual Laurie offers a partnership, it looks like his luck may be changing...but when she throws herself in as part of the deal, Jared's not sure he'll be able to respect the terms of their agreement and keep his eyes--and his hands--to himself.

There's something about Laurie that awakens every protective instinct Jared has...and when all hell breaks loose, there's nothing and no one who'll be able to keep this cowboy from her side.

Book is a mass market paperback and sold in good condition with some minor wear visible on the cover, binding, edges and pages.