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Wanted: One Sexy Night

Wanted: One Sexy Night

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She's going to rock both their worlds ... 

After a long day of directing a top-secret government agency, even Lucas Diamond needs his rest. Trouble is, a mysterious, very sexy, and damn near perfect woman has just stepped into his hotel room, and she seems to have no intention of leaving -- at least not until she's had her way with him. 

Lucas is pretty hot himself, and he's used to getting a little female attention from time to time, but he's never had a woman throw herself at him like this! But then, he's never met someone like Mira before, and she is impossible to resist. After one night of unadulterated passion, he finds himself still wanting more, and he's not alone. But Mira has plans for Lucas that go way beyond the bedroom (or the elevator, or the kitchen floor, or the shower ... ). Because Mira is definitely out of this world -- and Lucas is about to learn just how far out!